VeryTechTrip 2023

Very Tech Trip 2023

The convention for the techs by the techs !

Keynote (1hour)

February 2nd

Live streaming (from PARIS)

At 9:30am CET


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Many new Cloud services has been announced during Very Tech Trip event in Paris and illustrate our commitments to you: offer you a trusted, reversible, interoperable, sustainable cloud at a predictable and transparent price.

Our first announcements are now available:

A comprehensive range of solutions

An event for tech adventurers!

Stay on top of the latest technologies, innovate without giving in to fashion effects and code more efficiently, automate, secure applications, intelligently manage data and reduce the energy cost of your infrastructure...

There are many challenges if you work in tech!

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Infra, hardware
& sustainable cloud

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Cloud Native
& move to cloud

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& operational sovereignty

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Octave Klaba

Octave Klaba


Thierry Souche
Chief Technology Officer

Yaniv CPO

Yaniv Fdida
Chief Product Officer

Laurent Berger

Laurent Berger
VP Public Cloud

Pierre Lamarche VP Web Cloud

Pierre Lamarche
VP Web Cloud

Solution Director

Lilian Lisanti
VP Private Cloud

1 hour Keynote

While the end of 2022 was marked by AI and the demonstration of its conversational capabilities, it seems obvious that 2023 will continue this trend, with real expectations in terms of the cloud, whether it’s an open ecosystem and the necessary and legitimate debates about possible biases and the explicability of the algorithms used.

To train and power these increasingly sophisticated AIs, there will be a need for increased computing power, a challenge that the semiconductor industry will have to meet while facing the limits of physics more than ever.

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